Its an old tradtion in Germany, especially Thuringia , to hide a pickle in the tree.


The Museum für Glaskunst in Lauscha is always worth a visit. it shows the over 400 year old tradition of glassmaking in Lauscha and has always new changing special exhibits.


Lauscha - that is Glass

The first Glassworks has been founded in the 1597. For more than 400 years people were working with glass and are still doing this today. Lauscha is one of the most taditional and oldest glassworking places in europe. Still today more than 50% of the inhabitants are engaged with glass. A very few bigger and a dozends of little businesses, a few art ateliers, a glassworks, which is one of the last ones in Germany


As early as 1597 began in Lauscha, a small town in the Thuringian Forest, with the glass-making through the creation of the village of Lauscha Glassworks. In 1847 was first mentioned on the world of the here-made, glass Christmas tree ornaments. They were poor glass-blowers, their Christmas trees festooned with real rather than the usual apples and nuts, since they do not they could afford.
Therefore, They made the fruits of glass. They were brightly painted and hung on their own Christmas tree. Thus, the glass Christmas tree decoration was born. Christmas decorations made of glass was very popular in Germany and overseas, and has thus become a new field of Lauscha glass blower.
Many families are devoted to this craft. Through the creativity of the glassblowers created an incredible variety of shapes. Many of the original structures are preserved and are still produced today, such as Pine cones, birds, fungi and icicles.
This fact alone shows the interconnectedness of the forest and the home. Today there is almost nothing that can not be hung as an ornament on the tree.