We want to offer our customers the most comprehensive range of traditional Thuringian Christmas tree ornaments on the most beautiful Christmas markets in the U.S. and Germany. Our ancestors lived and worked with glass. We accepted the task of continuing this tradition and to preserve secrets and recipes entrusted to us. Glass in its various forms and colors fascinates us. We walked in the footsteps of our fathers and grandfathers, often until late at night, were we were prepared by the glassblowers lamp in the living rooms of the slate houses in Lauscha their own creations.


Our team is anxious to show you the uniqueness and beauty of our handmade Christmas ornaments, and inspire you for it. We offer you the opportunity to visit us at Christmas time and discover something very special for him. With us you can admire the largest variety of original Thuringian Christmas tree ornaments from Lauscha and surrounding areas. Good advice, a quality offer and a cozy atmosphere are our first priority. The satisfaction of each customer is important to us especially at heart. Every year there are new creations and unusual collectibles for you. Our goal is to produce a varied product range and thus reflect the latest trends in colors and shapes, but also maintain the traditional forms and patterns too. Our ornaments are designed with great attention to detail, made by hand and checked with utmost care and packaged. Thus it is possible to ensure the high quality of our products.


We are family business and located in Lauscha, Thuringia, Germany. We manufacture traditional handmade glass ornaments and work together with other glass artists to offer you the finest original glass ornaments from our hometown, Lauscha. Although there are many people involved in the process of designing, creating, displaying, and shipping our ornaments, there are two members of our team that you will have the opportunity to meet in America. Please visit our events link for more information.

Should you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, please feel free to send us an Email.